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Kurt Schubert GmbH

German producer of balance paper, primer foils and glue for veneers (PVC / UF)



We are very sorry but we havn´t had enough time to build our homepage complitly in english now.


Here we give you a small view about our products.


By the point "Kontake" you will find our mail adress and phone nummer. Do not heasitate - contact us.

We are helping you in this time!

If you need material , balance- or primer-foil , PVC- or splicer glue - we are still producing and have a good stock.


If you need contract work - sawing rools, cutting sheets, rewinding rolls - our machines are running.


Do not heasitate contact us by mail or phone : info@schubert-gegenzufolien.de   / +49 524498030


Big WELCOME to Kollodur


Since 1. may Kollodur is a Part of Kurt Schubert!

All Material, machines, workers, office is now integrated by Kurt Schubert.


For the costumers nothing will change, only there a lot More possibilities like befor.


For further Information contact Kurt Schubert or Mr. Achim Schuette .

info@schubert-gegenzugfolien.de or schuette@schubert-gegenzugfolien.de

Overview products


Balance foils / Counter acting foils


80 - 220 g /m²

up to 2300 mm width

nature brow or colored in black, brown or different other colors

rollwise or sheets up to over 6000 mm length

glueable with all typical glues for wooden based panels


Primer foils


Basis weight: 80/102/145/200 g / m²
Maximum width about 2100 mm
Delivery form: rolls from 15 mm until over 2100 mm width, format goods up to 6000 x 2100 mm
Color white

KSRK types: rough absorbent on both sides,
KSP types: flexible

Adhesive with all common wood-based surface adhesive systems
Can be applied on all common surface presses, laminating and calender coating systems
Can be painted with all commercially available paints in the wood-based panel industry (DD / PU / water / acrylic paint, etc.)



Foils with one-sided acrylate coating


Grammages of 50/60, 80, 102, 145, 200 g / m²

Width up to 2100 mm width

Available as roll or format (up to 6000 x 2100 mm)

Colors on request, white, black, various browns and yellows


All products meet all legal standards for pollutants

The products are also tested according to further test standards, e.g. Saliva fastness, formaldehyde content tested.

Digital printing paper



80/100 g / m², other grammages available on request

Width up to 2200 mm possible

Roll goods or format goods up to 6000 mm in length


Test our digital printing papers

Gluing systems



Adhesive systems for the wood-based panel industry

Here is an excerpt of some glue products of Kurt Schubert GmbH & Co. KG:


Powder UF glue / splicer glue

Lignocoll 520

Vener splicer glue Powder for decorative veneers of every kind

Fast, also suitable for subsequent pickling etc.,

Delivery form: Powder - is simply mixed with water


Lignocoll 530

Another variant of splicer glue in powder form with longer operation time


PVCA glue for wooden panels / veneer

Lignocoll 359

Very fast PVAC glue, PH neutral, D3

Perfect for veneers and inexpensiveI

Lignocoll 370/388

PVAc gluing systems with D3 / D4 gluing properties


Lignocoll 454

PVAc glue system with 1K D4 gluing properties


In addition, we offer specially tailored glue systems for you


Also dyed in black, brown, beige ... no problem

Our promise: Fast and reliable - developed and manufactured in Germany



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